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 Move out of auto mode and learn the basics of technical camera lingo and settings. We'll practice the fundamentals of lighting/posing, shooting in manual mode, and complete the class with basic Lightroom settings and editing. I will guide you through the whole process and answer every question you have. You'll leave this class feeling confident in your ability to take beautiful photos and capture wonderful memories!


SHOOTOUT // $150

 This is the real deal! Models, Makeup Artists, and themed wardrobe on location in Madison, WI.  I will start the shoot out with a basic lighting/posing/instructing demonstration. This will be a practical class where you will be encouraged to exercise new techniques, ideas, and posing: please be comfortable shooting with your own DSLR, as only limited instruction and teaching will happen.

Come meet other photographers, grow your portfolio, and ask all the questions!


*this class is weather dependent

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