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Summer Travel Tips, Adventure is Out There!

Hi friends! Welcome back to the blog. Currently, I am walking the streets of Germany and eating way too much food. Remember when I said I love to travel?! Well my dreams are coming true, I’m traveling the world through July. Can you guess where all I’m going?! Comment down below to take a guess! Really the only thing I’m missing is Sarah and her camera, think you could come capture this adventure with me, Sarah?! Her photography would be incredible here...

Now, I want to share with you some packing tips that have been given to me by others and ones I have found out for myself. Who’s ready to travel the world?!

First, you want to think about where you're going and what time of the year it will be. Will you be there in the summer, or winter months? This will give you a better understanding of what you need to pack. You don’t need a winter coat in summer, but make sure you always have a light jacket to keep you warm!

Second, it helps to think about the fashion trends in the places you’re visiting. Traveling in

Germany will look different than Paris, or even London. They each have their own styles. Think about it like this, traveling in the south, verses traveling in New York City will look completely different! You want to pack to blend in to where you are going. The worst thing you can do is to try and stand out in a foreign country…you will be setting yourself up for being robbed.

Third, here are some general fashion tips that apply to any country that is foreign. Avoid bright colors, typically they wear very neutral colors such as black, white, and anything else that is dark or neutral. If you wear a bright pink shirt you will stand out. Avoid any graphic t shirts. If it has writing on it in English they will know you are a tourist. Avoid wearing athletic or very casual clothes. Other cultures rarely wear leggings or athletic wear out of the house. Absolutely bring comfy shoes, this could make or break your trip. You do not want to have blisters or throbbing feet all day.

Fourth, as far as the actual packing goes, packing cubes are a game changer. When you are trying to pack light AND stay organized, it is very difficult. Packing cubes help you keep everything organized and easy to get to. But don’t forget, packing light is key! You will want to leave room for souvenirs and shopping. Not to mention, it’s no fun trying to drag a bunch of luggage around.

Last, be prepared early! It helps to lay things out more than the night before; this allows you time to take things out and think it through clearly. That way you don’t overpack - but also don’t forget anything!

Hope this helps, where will your next adventure be?!

xoxo, Brooke


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