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What to Wear // Senior Picture Edition

Hi friends!

Today I am totally drooling over these fun earrings I have on. I've practically lived in them since I found them; they make all of my simple looks so much more fun! Remember when I shared with you my love for fashion? I’m no expert, but today I’ll share some of my favorite tips and tricks that help me look cute and stylish, and I hope they'll inspire you too!

First, one of my favorite stores to shop at….TARGET! I go through stages

with stores. Sometimes I am amazed at what I can find and other times I don't even bother to flip through the racks of clothes because nothing catches my eye. But Target, ohhhh it is a danger zone for me. IN FACT! Everything I’m wearing in these pictures ….TARGET! Jeans, lavender shirt, earrings, and the shoes are all from Target. I told you it's a winner! But you probably already know that 😉

Here are the brands to look for: Universal Threads, BaubleBar, last but not least, A New Day. I will link everything I’m wearing here so you can search and put together your own perfect outfit! (oh, and in case you were wondering, this is not sponsored!)

Jeans, on sale for $19.99

Shirt, not many sizes left, $19.99

Earrings, $12.99

Second, I’ll share one of my favorite rules of thumb when choosing a top and bottom to pair together. A couple of the top fashion styles right now are high rise bottoms, crop tops, and oversized t - shirts. Generally, if you wear tight bottoms that are more form fitting, you want to wear a looser top. If you wear a more form fitting top, it’s best to pair it with some looser bottoms. In a sense, you want them to be opposite of each other. You typically don’t want to wear a baggy top and bottoms because you want it to show off part of your shape.

Lastly, always remember the power of accessories! This outfit would have been classic, chic, and much more simple without these earrings, but when I added the earrings the outfit became fun and flirty. A long necklace, fun earrings, classic neck tie, stackable bracelets, and hair accessories are just some of the things you can add to make your outfit POP!

Thanks for reading, til next time!

xoxo, Brooke


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